Thursday, November 17, 2011

Der Goldene Schnitt- the best vintage sewing book ever !

Imagine a book with over 250 vintage sewing patterns. Imagine beautiful drawings which show the most beautiful dresses that you can easily make yourself. No, it isn't a dream. There is a book with over 250 sewing patterns ! 'Der Goldene Schnitt ', 'The golden rule', 'De gouden snit', 'La coupe d'o' - these are all the names of the same sewing book. It was written by Maria Aloisa Lutterloh, a German seamstress. I bought in on Ebay for E. 35

And this is the magic sewing book :) if you want to know everything about it, just google 'Goldene Schnitt Lutterloh' and you'll find lots and lots of information.

The original ruler came with the book and that is very rare, it is so old but the ruler never got lost. With the ruler you can adjust every pattern to your own sizes.

The miniature-patterns look like this. On all of the marked points, numbers a re given. You must pin your own size (like waist or hips) on the ruler and then on the 'cross' in the middle of every pattern. That way you large the pattern in your own size. It's an amazing method !

 Aren't those dresses just darling ? Oh, I love them and want to make them all !

I made a makeup-cape with the pattern you can see in the middle on the left page. 
I love the underwear :).

 I was wearing my 1940's crepe fabric blouse and skirt I found at a thrift store once.

I think I did a pretty good job :). What do you think ?

I really look forward to make a lot of dresses and other pieces of clothing from this book. The next thing I want to make is a brown skirt. 

Love, Jip.


Laura said...

Wauw gaaf :)

Vera said...

I love it! Its so cute, and that book looks amazing!

Jaime LeSeigneur said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Jip,
Please inform me where you have bought the great book? Thank you for the post about the vintage sewing book!

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