Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes it is hard to be accepted...

Do you know that feeling ? You proudly walk across the street/schoolyard/anywhere outside with your pincurled hair, polished shoes with white socks and flesh-tone thighs when suddenly a 6th grade girl/ asks you if you're not cold. No. The thighs were very thick. She asks you again and you say 'no' again. Then she asks you : 'Do you have any psychologial problems !?'. You just stand there and don't whether to say something or to walk away. I know that feeling, a girl said this to me today. I just answered 'No.' and walked inside the school. I hate it when people (especially young people) don't accept anything that looks different and say such things. I really don't like that, its so rude. Everyone is different and it is really impossible to satisfy people if you go your own way and dress the way you like. 

I have always looked different. I started wearing only black clothing and I died my hair red at the age of 10, knowing they wouldn't accept me, even if I looked the way they did. It gradually became a sort of gothic style which I wore for years and years. Then I was suddenly into victorian clothing and started to wear Japanese Lolita dresses. Since a year or two I'm all obsessed with anything old and vintage. I've always looked different and I am proud of that ;).I actually don't care what other people think of me. But when someone says something rude to me, I do think about it very much ...

 Do you have any experiences with people saying rude things about the way you dress ?

- Love, Jip. -

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day !

It is Valentine's Day and I have no secret admirer, and no boyfriend to celebrate it with ;). I 
 actuallly never really celebrate it, but maybe one day I will. Did you celebrate Valentine's Day ? I hope you all had (and have) a wonderful time today with the person you love.

Valentine's day has been around for ages, but the time which attracts me the most is ofcourse the victorian era and the crafts that were made to give it a special touch. Here you can find information about victorian and vintage Valentine's Day and several crafts you can make yourself right now, or for next year ;).

My apologies for not posting in a very long time. My laptop was broken and even my father could not fix it (and he is very.very good at repairing computers ), so he bought a secondhand Lenovo Thinkpad and I am very happy with it. Altough I am in my last year of school and get tons of homework, I'll try to blog a lot  and make sure you can read something interesting !

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