Thursday, February 20, 2014

A new blouse ! (and a skirt)

Yesterday I spent the entire day drawing and sewing this blouse. We had to make it as a homework assignment, but I liked it so much I decided to make it for myself as well. Although I am not so happy with the inside of the blouse (the serger did not like me I guess), it turned better out than I had imagined and it fits very well.

I made this skirt 2 days ago. It is just a simple 6 gore skirt. Here are some photos, but they are bad quality due to the fact that I took these with my mobile phone.
 I used a 1940s button that was on a dress once. But a few buttons were missing so I replaced them.

 The zipper. Maybe it is not the most pretty way of sewing in a zipper, I still find it very historically accurate.
 This is how the waistband looks. Sorry for the terrible quality !

I do not have a full length photo yet, but it looks like this. Would you like a tutorial for such a skirt ?

with love,


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blouse refashioning

 A few days ago, I went to a 2nd-hand clothing store and bought a few things, which included this white blouse. I bought it because I needed a new one, and I really love the fabric. It looks so much like crepe ! I also really liked the  cuffs, but I did not really like the length of the sleeves. So, I decided to alter the sleeves !

It was very simple to do. First, I measured how long I wanted the sleeve to be. I pinned and then cut the fabric with a little seam allowance. Then, I took the cuffs, and cut them off the sleeves with 1,5 cm seam allowance. I pinned the cuffs on the shortened sleeves, and created a little pleat at the top because the sleeve was bigger than the cuff.

Now, I have a new white blouse, and I think it looks quite authentic if paired with the right skirt/suit/sweater etc. What do you think ? (The sleeves look quite uneven-but they are not !)

And here a little question : Would anyone be interested in a tutorial on how to make a bolero suit ? Like the right drawing:

With love,


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A new skirt !

I have been in need for a new skirt for weeks now. I made one months ago, but I gained a little weight since then (luckily, because I was a bit too skinny) and it did not fit me anymore. Last week I asked my teacher if I was allowed to make a 6-gore skirt, and she approved. When I drafted the pattern 
and was ready to cut the fabric, I realized I did not have enough fabric, so I decided to divide the top of the skirt into a yoke and a skirt panel. Yesterday I marked the pattern on the fabric - it was already cut out - and did all the sewing. Today I finished the hem and it was ready for wearing !

The blouse is from the 1940s, and I want to copy it. I will draw my own pattern according to my sizes, choose a fabric and start with the sewing. I am also thinking of a matching skirt in the same fabric. What do you think ?

Have you sewn anything lately ?

with love,

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Suggestions and Ideas

Is there anything particular you'd like to see on the blog ? Any suggestions or ideas ? I'd love to hear them. 


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