Friday, January 31, 2014

Just in time for the deadline !

Remember my post a few weeks ago about the knit-along and the project with which I wanted to enter it ?

Well, unfortunately I was not able to finish it at all.. So three days ago I decided to knit something else :

This little 30s/40s scarf was knitted in less than 3 days. I just love the pattern and the scarf itself !
I want to start making and selling these, just like my snoods. Here is the pattern if you'd like to make it yourself. I finished this just in time for the knit-along, which ends today !

with love,


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sewing time !

Happy new year to you all !

I had a great start in the new year, because I celebrated it with my boyfriend ! This year in May, we've been together for a year. Time flies when one is having fun.. although it doesn't go fast enough when I am not with him and miss him. Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with missing your boyfriend while you just want to feel happy, even when he's not there ?

In 2013, I switched schools and now I learn to sew from a very talented seamstress. I love sewing ! It is so relaxing (well, most of the time) and I just love the fact that I can make clothing for myself and others.

I am getting better and better at sewing. Today, after school, I visited the fabric store and bought this pattern :

I have been wanting an apron like that for ages ! Now I finally have the pattern. I just can't decide on which fabric to use ..

I've got some off white bias binding. What do you think ? The left one ? Or the right one ? Which one is the most suitable for a 1940s apron ?

with love,

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