Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another year has come to an end

This year really flew by, didn't it? I can picture last New Years Eve as if it were yesterday, and in two days it'll be time again to celebrate the new year!

 For the last two years, I believe I have been writing my New Years resolutions (a couple of them, anyway) on this blog so I can see how I did at the end of that year. It's become some kind of a tradition and I really want to do it again, but first, let's see how I did this year:

  • Be more healthy: just like at the beginning of this year, it is something I am still working on. Sometimes it can be so hard to resist the tempation of junk food, especially when in company or when feeling not so great. But in the end, I always feel better when eating healthy, so I want to do that more often because it is better for me than just eating whatever I like, and feel good temporarily.
  • Teach myself how to properly paint nails: I have been painting my nails more often than I did in the past, but nail polish is actually not allowed at myinternship, so I only wear a translucent one during the week and then sometimes I paint them when I go to school, or on the weekends, Speaking of nailpolish, I just dropped the brush on my boyfriends duvet cover so I have to be more careful. But at least the colour is pretty!
  • Stress less about everything and think positive: Again, this is something I'm still working on. This actually became worse this year and I really feel like I just have to snap out of it. There was a time when I did not stress about things this much. so i should be able to 
  • Be a little more outgoing: This is something that has improved so much and I am really happy about it! I still feel really self-conscious when I talk to someone or when I am on the phone, but at least I talk to people more now.
  • Get organized: I have been trowing away/donating things I do not need anymore this last year, but I still have a lot of stuff that just needs to go. In a couple of days I'll be home again so I can tackle my bedroom. I am thinking of doing a purge/declutter challenge or something similiar, so that I don't have to do everything at once.

Next to these goals from last year, which I will be working on again in the next year, I also want to add some new goals/resolutions:

  • Engage in some kind of sports: I already joined a yoga class this year, but I want to do something that really gets me in shape. Running isn't very safe in the dark around my neighbourhood.. Does ayone have ideas for free at-home sports?
  • Learn to sing: Or, at least, just sing sometimes, just for myself. I'm not aspiring to become a famous singer but I really like music and it can also help with my stammer, so why not try it?
  • Learn to read music notes: A few years ago, I had piano lessons and I loved playing the piano. I want to be able to do it again, but first i really want to learn to read notes because it would make playing much more easy. 
  • Spend more time blogging: Since changing my clothing style, I have been thinking about what I want to do with my blog, should I continue, should I stop? Should I change things? I know one thing, and that is that I LOVE writing on here, I really like expressing myself through words. And I love the fact that you, lovely readers, actually read it and leave comments, and maybe you can even recognize yourself in some things that I write. That's how I often feel when reading other peoples blogs. 
This past year I have been watching A LOT of youtube videos about self-development, and this girl is one of my fsavourite Youtubers. She made a series about resolutions/goals and it's very inspiring, here's the first video of the five-part series.

What are your resolutions for next year? Let's make 2017 amazing!
With love, Jip.

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