Thursday, February 20, 2014

A new blouse ! (and a skirt)

Yesterday I spent the entire day drawing and sewing this blouse. We had to make it as a homework assignment, but I liked it so much I decided to make it for myself as well. Although I am not so happy with the inside of the blouse (the serger did not like me I guess), it turned better out than I had imagined and it fits very well.

I made this skirt 2 days ago. It is just a simple 6 gore skirt. Here are some photos, but they are bad quality due to the fact that I took these with my mobile phone.
 I used a 1940s button that was on a dress once. But a few buttons were missing so I replaced them.

 The zipper. Maybe it is not the most pretty way of sewing in a zipper, I still find it very historically accurate.
 This is how the waistband looks. Sorry for the terrible quality !

I do not have a full length photo yet, but it looks like this. Would you like a tutorial for such a skirt ?

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Lindsay Lane said...

Mooi hoooor. Maar dat wist je al dat ik dat vond ;-)

Jip Hartog said...

Wist ik inderdaad al^^ Maar toch bedankt !

Sjoerd van de Wal said...


Jip Hartog said...


Abigail said...

very nice! i love the look of the blouse, your hairstyle and the room where you took the photos. If i didn't know better, i seriously would think they were taken in the 1940s!
great job on all your sewing projects, they look great.

Jip Hartog said...

@ Abigail

Thank you so much ! My hair has not been in rollers for 3 nights now, so it was kind of messy but still curly ! The room is my bedroom, I try to make it look as 30s/40s as possible. I am glad that you like the sewing projects.

- Jip.

blauwesokken said...

Leuk! Staat je heel goed!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fantastic job! One (at least not a non-sewer like me) know from the outside that you'd run into any issues with your serger. This blouse is very pretty and looks so timelessly lovely on you, dear gal.

♥ Jessica

Retrolivetavlisa said...

Wat een mooi blog is dit zeg! Ik heb het pas gevonden via de groenemeisjes, en ik ben echt blij dat ik dit blog heb gevonden! Ik ben zelf ook 18 jaar oud, en ik probeer in de jaren 40/50 stijl te leven :)
Mijn blog: ,

ik ben er nog mee bezig, dus nog niet alles is helemaal zoals ik het zou willen, maar het begin is er. Gaaf zeg! Je staat nu bij mijn favoriete blogs!

Ann Kennedy said...

What a great blouse and skirt! More proof of your talent! You have a very lovely future ahead.

Anonymous said...

YES for the tutorial!! =)

Miss Beta said...

Lovely sewing projects dear girl! And yes for the tutorial, I cannot wait!

Miss Beta

Jip Hartog said...

@ blauwesokken

Bedankt !

@ Jessica

Thank you so much !

@ Retrolivetavlisa

Bedankt ! Jouw blog vind ik erg leuk, waar kan ik em volgen ?

@ Ann Kennedy

Thank you so much ! I really want to sew more and better in the future.

@ Anonymous & Miss Beta :

I'll will work on that tutorial, I think I will post it somewhere in April :)

Anthea said...

Wow! Hetis erg mooi geworden! Heb je het patroon van de blouse zelf getekend?

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