Monday, August 8, 2016

Packing for Prague

It is vacation time! A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I booked ourselves a bus trip to Prague. I have never visited the Czech Republic before so I'm really curious. I heard from a lot of people already that it is a great place if you love history and there should be a few vintage shops as well! I didn't pack a lot as I planned to do a bit of shopping while I'm there. In my suitcase I only took one dress (I am wearing a 2nd dress), a pair of pyjamas, my toiletry case, some underwear and socks, (I did some laundry yeaterday, hoping it would be dry on time. It wasn't. So I took a towel and rolled everything up. Maybe it will dry) my phone charger. That's about it. I also took my little blue rucksack to put in a few things for when we are traveling: a book, a not yet started crochet project, my sunglasses, wallet and phone and a notebook. 

I think I'll have a great week and I hope I can take a couple of photos. My camer is still missing so I'l have to make do with my phone for now.

With love, Jip.

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