Thursday, January 31, 2013

BNN interview

For those of you who want to watch it, here is the BNN interview :
Für die, die es sehen wollen : das Interview mit BNN.

School assignments

-Ich habe entschieden, die 'Hausaufgaben-Posts' nicht mehr zu übersetzen, da es sehr Zeitaufwendig ist und meistens nur Bilder oder Links zu sehen sind. Die restlichen Posts werde ich selbstverständlich wie immer weiter übersetzen. Ich hoffe, ihr habt hier Verständnis für.-

There are gradually more assignments I have to write on my blog. Now that the exam's week in school is finally over, I'll start with them.

 Assignment number 1 : My personal top 10 for this winter.

For this assignment, we had to make our own Top 10 of the following items and choose one :

- Shoes
- Boots
- bags
- Necklaces
- Belts

Ofcourse, I chose 'shoes'. I went on Etsy and made my own little Top 10 of must-have vintage shoes.
According to the assignment we also have to write down :

- Description of the item.

- Why does this item belong in your top 10 ?
-  Price and Brand.

1930s/1940s Library Lady lace up oxford heels
 1930s/1940s Library Lady lace up oxford heels
- Brown lace up oxford heels from the 1930s or 1940s, size 6.5.
- These shoes have a rather high heel and are closed, so perfect for the winter when it is snowing. The brown colour combines great with other clothing.
- $ 60 (45,43 Euros), from  : Peck's exclusive fashion lane footwear.

1930s Oxfords / Navy Mesh Shoes / Size 5 6N 
1930s Oxfords / Navy Mesh Shoes / Size 5 6N
- Navy Oxford Mesh shoes from the 1930s, size 5.
- These shoes have a great mesh print and beautiul navy colour. They lace up and can be worn with little socks for extra warmth.
- $ 30 (22,72 Euros), from :  No brand name given.

1940s-50s Ladies Over Shoe Boots by Utica Rubber Footwear - Goulashes - New Never Worn - Original Box  - Size 4.5 
- Black Galoshes with fur trimming, From the late 1940s or early 1950s, size 4.5
- Perfect for rainy and snowy weather. These are worn over another pair of shoes to keep them clean.
- $ 50 (37,86 Euros), from : No brand name given.

1940's Shoes / Mrs Brown's Lovely Daughters Vintage 40's Oxford Lace Up Shoes Never Worn 
1940's Shoes / Mrs Brown's Lovely Daughters Vintage 40's Oxford Lace Up Shoes Never Worn
-Unworn Lace up Oxfords from the 1940s, size 6B.
- Perfect for both winter and Spring. These schoes are unworn and therefore in great condition. They have a comfortable heel and match with almost every colour.
- $ 125 (94,65 Euros), from : No brand name given.

SALE / vintage 1940s shoes / 40s black leather oxfords / size 5.5
SALE / vintage 1940s shoes / 40s black leather oxfords / size 5.5
- Unworn black all leather lace up oxfords, size 5.5 from the 1940s with very nice cut-out detailing and stitching.
-  These shoes are entirely made out of leather and therefore very warm and nice for cold temperatures.
- $ 115 (87,08 Euros), from : No brand name given.

Black 1940's Shoes 40's Suede Pumps Heels
- Beautiful black suede basic 1940s pumps, size 9.
- These black pumps combine with everythig. Made out of suede, they look very luxurious.
- $ 90 (68,15 Euros), from : "Queen Quality".

1940s leather shoes - Vintage oxblood brogue stacked mid heel pumps shoes 
1940s leather shoes - Vintage oxblood brogue stacked mid heel pumps shoes
-  Nice, red pumps with brogue detailing, size 5.5, from the 1940s.
- Nice 1940s pumps in an amazing colour. These are good for winter because of the high heels.
- $ 50 (37,86), from : Bedggood.
SALE / vintage NOS 1940s shoes / 40s brown brogue pumps / miracle tread / size 5.5
-  Unworn, beautiful 1940s brogue pumps, size 5.5
- These shoes are great for walking because of theit comfortable heel. Finished with beautiful brogue details.
- $ 50 (37,86 Euros), from : No brand given.

Chocolate Bows - WWII 1940s Milk Chocolate Nubuck Suede Pin Up Pumps w/Inverted Bows - 
Chocolate Bows - WWII 1940s Milk Chocolate Nubuck Suede Pin Up Pumps w/Inverted Bows -
- Nubuck suede chocolate brown 1940s pumps with bows. Size 6.5/7.
- These cute 1940s pumps are made of suede and embellished with a cute little bow on each shoe.
- $140 (106,01 Euros), from : Barefoot original.

With a Splash of Cranberry - Mid 1940s Cranberry Leather Pumps w/Shapely Bows - 7.5/ 8
With a Splash of Cranberry - Mid 1940s Cranberry Leather Pumps w/Shapely Bows - 7.5/ 8
- beautiful 1940s cranberry red shining pumps with bows, size 7.5/8.
- Made entirely out of leather, these beautiful 40s red pumps will keep your feet warm in winter. Embellished with a little bow on each shoe.
- $ 275 (208,34 Euros), from : Carmelletes - Shoes for the Lovely.

Assignment 2 : My favourite colours.

For this assignment, we had to answer the following questions :

-  What is your favourite colour ?
- My favourite colour is brown.
- Did your favourite colour change over the years ?
- Yes, it has. When I was very young I liked pink, when I was a little older I loved black and now brown is my favourite colour.
- Why do you like this colour so much ?
- I do not know. I guess I like it because it is a very classic, oldfashioned colour.
- Which feeling does this colour give you ?
- This colour gives me a feel of cozyness, although i do not know why that is.

We also had to include a picture of ourselves when we were younger, and make up a little story to go along with it. And we must post a picture of an outfit that has our favourite colour in it.

I can still remember the day this picture was taken, in school. My mother got me all dressed up for the picture and I did like the outfit.  The room was decorated with old washboards and other old things. I already liked them when I was very young, which is funny because I still like them.

This is a photo of a red dress which I like very much. It is from Etsy. I chose this because I think it is a beautiful, yet very simple and elegant 1940s dress. There is no brand or label name given and the price is $ 89 (67,39 Euros.).

With love,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interview for BNN

Just to let you know, tonight an interview with Filemon Wesselink for 'De week van Filemon', BNN Channel will be broadcasted. It is my very first interview and I must admit that I am dying of nerves. Tonight I'll visit Lindsay so we can be nervous together :).

Heute wird einen Interview ausgestrahlt für einen Fernsehprogramm namens 'De week van Filemon' (BNN). Es ist mein erster Interview und ich bin auch sehr nervös.

Voor Nederlandse lezers : het interview wordt vanavond, 21:50 op Nederland 3 (BNN) uitgezonden.

Filemon, Lindsay, Mark and me.

With love,


Sunday, January 20, 2013

My soldier : Thomas Hackett

After publishing my latest post, I thought that it would be a good idea to tell you all a bit more about my soldier, so you know who I am actually writing about.

Nachdem ich mein letzter Post veröffentlicht habe, dachte ich dass es ein guter Idee wäre, Mal etwas mehr über meinen Soldat zu schreiben. Dann wisst ihr, über wem ich schreibe.

 Here is a picture of him and two other members from his association, about which I will tell you more later in this post.

Hier ist ein Bild von ihn, mit noch zwei Mitglieder seiner Verein. Darüber erzähle ich euch noch mehr in dieser Post.

American uniform.

 And British uniform.

 Isn't he handsome ? ;) 
Sieht er nicht hübsch aus ? ;)

And here are some action photos :
Hier sind einige 'Action-Bilder'

Thomas Hackett is his reenactment name, his real name is Tomáš Hataj . He is 17 years old and lives in Czech Republic, where he is also member of the Living History group called 'KVH Tommy & Yankee Association Pilsen'. He met the group and the Reenactment World during one of the Liberation Festivals, which is held every year in Pilsen. His rank within the club is Cpl. (corporal).

Thomas hackett ist sein Reenactment-Name und Tomáš Hataj
sein richtiger Name. Er is siebzehn Jahre alt und er wohnt in Tschechien. Dort ist er auch Mitglied einer Living-History Verein : 'KVH Tommy & Yankee Association Pilsen'.
Er hat die Grupper zufällig entdeckt, während ein Befreiungsfest. Diese werden jährlich in Pilsen veranstaltet.

Besides Living History he also really likes the fashions, music, cars, and hairstyles of the 1940s and 1950s.
From the 1940s his favourite musicians are : Glen Miller, Vera Lynn and Jaroslav Ježek. And from the 1950s they are : Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra. I think that is an amazing music taste for a seventeen-year-old :).

Neben das Living History mag er auch die Moden, Musik, Auto's und Frisuren der 1940er und 1950er Jahren. Seine lieblingsmusiker der 1940er sind : Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn and Jaroslav ježek. Und seine Lieblingsmusiker der 1950er Jahre sind : Chuck berry, Buddy Holly und Frank Sinatra. Schon ein interessanter Musikgeschmack für ein 17-Jahrigen, nichtwahr :) ?

With love,


Friday, January 18, 2013

A scarf for my Soldier

-Einen Schal für meinen Soldat-

The title of this post probably needs a bit of exlplaination, So I will start right away.
A month ago, I suddenly got a message from a nice young man on Facebook. His name is Tomáš
 and made he made a compliment about a picture of me that he saw. We started to talk and soon we discovered that we had very much in common. Our interests, favourite music, etc. He is a WWII Reenactor and now we write each other letters the same way people did during the war, with special 'Victory Mail or V-Mail' :

Das überschrift dieser Post braucht vielleicht ein Wenig Erklärung. Vor fast einen Monat habe ich über Facebook einen Nachricht von einer netter junger Mann bekommen. Er gab mir einen Kompliment für meine Bilder. Wir haben angefangen zu reden und nach kurzer Zeit festgestellt, das wir vieles Gemeinsam haben. Unsere Interessesn, Musik, usw. Er is ein WWII Reenactor und wir schreiben einander nun auch Briefe, sowie es während der Krieg geschah :

During the war it was common for the women home to knit garments for the soldiers  who were abroad. And so I decided to knit a scarf for him. And because of that, and because of the fact that he is a WWII reenactor, I call him 'my' soldier ;).

Während der Krieg war es für die Frauen Zuhause üblich das sie Sachen für die Soldaten, die im Ausland waren, zu stricken. Und so habe ich entschieden, einen Schal für ihn zu Stricken. Deshalb, und auch weil er einen reenactor ist, nenne ich ihn 'Mein Soldat' ;).

I must say that I am rather satisfied with the finished product. It is actually my very first knitting project. Soon I'll sent it zo the Czech Republic so he can wear it. I am really happy we 'met' each other because he is a very nice person and a great friend.

Ich muss sagen, das ich recht zufrieden mit das Ergebnis bin. Es is mein erstes 'Strick-Projekt'. Bald werde ich es nach Tschechien schicken. Ich bin sehr froh, das wir uns kennengelernt haben. Er is sehr nett und ein guter Freund.

with love,


Monday, January 14, 2013

Photoshoot with Yesim Yilanci

After a rather long time (more than a month) I can finally catch up on some blogging. School kept me busy ver much and the last few weeks I had several events with Club Interbellum. One day, a girl from the photography-section of my shool asked me if I wanted to do a photoshoot with her. I thought it would be great fun and said yes.

Nach einer langen Zeit (mehr als einen Monat) kann ich mich endlich wieder mit Bloggen beschäftigen. Ich hatte in letzter Zeit sehr viele Schulaufgaben und ausflüge mit Club Interbellum. Vor einige Wochen hat ein Mädchen von der Photographie-Ausbildung meiner Schule mich gefragt, ob ich eine Photoshoot machen würde. Ich dachte, es würde sehr viel Spaß machen und habe ja gesagt.

The dress I was wearing is an original 1940s evening dress. I did my hair by curling it with sponge rollers and then I did victor rolls afterwards. Here are the photos that Yesim made : 

Das Kleid ist ein original 40er Jahre Abendkleid. Meine Haare habe ich einfach am vorherigen Abend in Lockenwickler aufgedreht und nachher habe ich victory rolls gemacht. Hier sind die Bilder, die Yesim gemacht hat.

With love,

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