Sunday, September 4, 2016

What have I been up to lately ? - Week 35 + an important update

The last time I posted, I was about to go on vacation to Prague with my boyfriend. It was awesome. The city was beautiful and even despite the bad weather we had a great time. After the trip to Prague I had a couple of weeks vacation left. Since then, 'normal' life started again. But instead of going to school five days a week, I'll only go on friday. The rest of the days I spend at my internship which started a week ago.

I have my internship at a day activity centre for elderly people and I already like it so much! The people who come over there as well as the people who I work with are lovely. It is my job to keep the people busy with games, crafts, reading etc. Everyday is a bit different from the last and I don't work very long days, so have plenty of energy to do other necessary things like doing groceries and cleaning my apartment and other things. I could really imagine something like this being my job. To give you an impression of where I will spend most of my days these coming six months, I have found a 3D image of the inside of the building.

You readers might remember a post from about a year ago, the one about a 'fashion identity crisis'. Truth be told, this year I found myself in the exact same spot again. I felt that I was limiting myself again because I always felt the need to look as historically accurate as possible. And when I liked something modern, I'd quickly look/think at something else. But after thinking about it for a long time, I came to the conclusion that this is my life, and I should wear whatever I want. If people won't like me for what I wear (or don't wear anymore), I won't worry about it too much. It is time for me to choose for myself. If I want to wear vintage again, I'll certainly will. But after that, If I tend to like some more modern pieces as well, I won't hold myself back this time the way I did again during the summer.

One of the first things which came to mind was: what will I do with my blog now that my style has changed? I had been worrying wether to stop blogging altogether, or maybe to change the name or something. But then I knew that I will always remain 'Old-fashioned at heart'. And that I'll find a way to update my blog so it fits the person I am becoming now.   I don't see it as a problem or something negative but as some kind of journey.

I hope you lovely people won't give up on following and reading my blog. I still love the blogging community and I even think this whole thing might sound familiar to some of you who wear or have worn vintage 24/7.

with love,

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