Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drawing time !

I really enjoy it to draw clothing and vintage dresses, but I also like to draw people. Today I tried to draw this woman :

I guess this photograph was made in the 1940's. She's a very elegant looking lady, isn't she ? Here's my attempt on drawing her :)

I know, her head should bend a little to the left, but I could not draw it that way :-S.
And don't mind the paper, it's from the company where my father is working and they have changed the name. They got rid of all the paper and my father was allowed to take some home. It's perfect for drawing.

Do you like to draw ? Maybe you could send me some pictures of your drawings and I could post them on my blog :).

Love, Jip.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I discoverd a new thrift shop !

Today my sister had to go to the hospital for a MRI- scan of her foot. We had to wait for so long and it was SO hot in there, so my mother decided to go for a walk in the village. We came across a cute little thrift shop and went inside. I bought the following things :

A pair of penny loafers

A cute hat that can be worn in 2 different ways

An amazing twin set in beautiful colours :)

and two baby-blue nightgowns.

I really love it to discover new thrift shops, and this one was really cheap. Do you have a favourite thrift shop ?

Love, Jip.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wawollie thrift store

Today I went to Wawollie, a thrift store in Goor, the Netherlands. I have already been here a few times (if you take a look at the picures you'll notice why :)). It is a HUGE thrift store wit all different kinds of stuff. Clothing (yes, also vintage, they just don't know they have it), books, baby blankets, videos, fabrics, curtains etc. I found lots of things, including a 1950s and 1930s dress. Yay !

 That's my mom on the left in the picture :).

 They have this cute 1950's corner.
 I love this photograph ...

 They sell shoes ...
 And clothing. Lots and lots of clothing :).

 I even found the perfect winter boots !
 My mom bought me this sewing machine. It is from the 1920s. She said that, when I was little, she made lots of clothing for me on a sewing machine like this :).

I also found some awesome magazines from the 1950's and a few from the 1960's. They had even more, but they were 1,- each, so I wasn't able to take them all :).
What is your favourite thrift shop ?
Love, Jip.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes !

A few days ago I bought these shoes on Ebay ( I am not allowed to post the picture, so I will post the link) :

Shoes I bought

I love penny loafers and I think these shoes look like penny loafers a lot. But I steel need a pair of good winter shoes, though.

I have discovered selling items on Ebay is so much fun ! I'm allowed to use my fathers account and I already sold 2 items :).

Here is the link to my 'Ebay-Shop' --->  Ebay shop

What do you think about Penny loafers ?

Love, Jip.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I love collars !

A few days ago I went to a thrift shop in Enschede and I bought a few things, including a cute knitted sweater. I thought it was a little boring, so I added a self-made crochet collar. I just crocheted a piece of lace out of a '70s book about 19th century crocheting, knitting, etc. Then I ironed it and sewed the collar in place by hand.

(Pictures were made by my sister)

I just love collars of any kind. Whether they are antique, handmade or brand new : Ijust love them.

(the following picture is from ---

I think a collar adds a touch of class to certain dresses. Do you like collars ? Let me know :).

- Love, Jip.-

Monday, October 10, 2011

Our beloved cat ...

Teddy, our cat, has been with us for almost 4 years now (he is 6 years old).  A few weeks ago, he started to act very strange and we were worried, so we bought some medicines for him. Today, after a blood test, it came out that he ad problems with his kidneys and he is in terrible pain. We decided that we will go to the vet (is that the English term of a 'animal doctor ' ?) to let him put to sleep with medications, because it is no longer Teddy anymore.
I am still having a hard time to accept it, because you always have a little hope that the cat will survive, instead of die. But the sadness will fade as the time goes by. I am happy for him that he will be no longer in pain.

With love, Jip.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Long hair ..

I have always aspired long hair. Unfortunately, my hair does not even reach my shoulders properly, so I have to be patient for a few more years. A friend of mine has hip-length hair and sometimes I am a little envious :). It is just so nice to think about all the things you can do with long hair. You can braid it, wear it down, (pin/rag)curl it, and here comes the best one : doing historical updo's that are suited perfectly for long hair. I am especially in love with regency and victorian hairstyles.

Women back then had long hair (well, almost all of them). Womens hair was a sign of health and femininity. The hair was only cut if it was really necessary. On victorian photos, the hair looks always waved. Probably because they slept with braided hair instead of loose hair. 

As you can see, the hair looks amazing when it is just loose, although it my be a little impractible in school or on your bike ;). I bet that the hair of the woman in the right is just as long as the others womans hair. It looks very good to wear your long hair upswept or in a bun.

Here is a website that shows several victorian hairstyles : Victorian Hairstyles

Are you a long-haired (:)) person and liked my post, maybe it would be fun if you would wear a victorian  updo and made a picture of it. I can put in on my blog if you want to.

with love,


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