Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wawollie thrift store

Today I went to Wawollie, a thrift store in Goor, the Netherlands. I have already been here a few times (if you take a look at the picures you'll notice why :)). It is a HUGE thrift store wit all different kinds of stuff. Clothing (yes, also vintage, they just don't know they have it), books, baby blankets, videos, fabrics, curtains etc. I found lots of things, including a 1950s and 1930s dress. Yay !

 That's my mom on the left in the picture :).

 They have this cute 1950's corner.
 I love this photograph ...

 They sell shoes ...
 And clothing. Lots and lots of clothing :).

 I even found the perfect winter boots !
 My mom bought me this sewing machine. It is from the 1920s. She said that, when I was little, she made lots of clothing for me on a sewing machine like this :).

I also found some awesome magazines from the 1950's and a few from the 1960's. They had even more, but they were 1,- each, so I wasn't able to take them all :).
What is your favourite thrift shop ?
Love, Jip.


Saskia said...

Toffe schoenen! en dat 1950' hoekje is ook echt super!

._. said...

super leuk! ik ga ook altijd naar zo'n winkels, ik volg je :)


Anonymous said...

Leuke post! ik volg je!

Zullen we elkaar volgen?

xXx Teardrops with Beauty

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