Saturday, October 1, 2011

Long hair ..

I have always aspired long hair. Unfortunately, my hair does not even reach my shoulders properly, so I have to be patient for a few more years. A friend of mine has hip-length hair and sometimes I am a little envious :). It is just so nice to think about all the things you can do with long hair. You can braid it, wear it down, (pin/rag)curl it, and here comes the best one : doing historical updo's that are suited perfectly for long hair. I am especially in love with regency and victorian hairstyles.

Women back then had long hair (well, almost all of them). Womens hair was a sign of health and femininity. The hair was only cut if it was really necessary. On victorian photos, the hair looks always waved. Probably because they slept with braided hair instead of loose hair. 

As you can see, the hair looks amazing when it is just loose, although it my be a little impractible in school or on your bike ;). I bet that the hair of the woman in the right is just as long as the others womans hair. It looks very good to wear your long hair upswept or in a bun.

Here is a website that shows several victorian hairstyles : Victorian Hairstyles

Are you a long-haired (:)) person and liked my post, maybe it would be fun if you would wear a victorian  updo and made a picture of it. I can put in on my blog if you want to.

with love,



*Daniëlle said...

.o. zo lang!
Lijkt me best wel lastig :P

Miss Meadows said...

It's lovely to see photos of these victorian women with their amazing hair loose like that. In pictures like these they almost always ha their hair put up, to look more "decent". My hair goes down to my waist, but I can tell you it's NOT easy to curl! The curls don't want to stay. As a lover of the fashion from the 40s and 50s the ideal hair length is just below the shoulders, so you can fix the hair like they did back in those days. But I think I will keep my own hair long for a little bit longer :)

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