Thursday, September 29, 2011

1930/40s Gowns

If you have read my last post, you will see that I have bought a 1940s dress on E-bay. The people who sold it to me were very nice. When I asked them about the 'history' of the dress, they said that an aunt of them had worn the dress. They also said that, if I would be interested, they had 2 more dresses that belonged to the same woman. I asked them if they had pictures of the dresses and they sent me some photos. The dresses looked beautiful and I decided to buy them. I got them today and I was totally in love with them. I actually didn't knew which dress I had to try on first :) ! One of the dresses (I think the blue one) is a 'engagement/wedding' dress It has a long piece of fabric on one side and a beautiful bodice . The black dress is also darling and it has a cute pattern all over the whole bodice, it came with a belt. I am so happy with the dresses, and I want to thank the sellers, so : Thank you :). Here is a look at the gowns :

Aren't they pretty ? Both dresses look very 30s/40s to me, as they are both made of crepe fabric and they both have 'side-closure' with buttons.

And here's something more : I am obsessed with bows and ties and that sort of things. The last two days I ave been wearing pieces of ribbon in my hair (about 1 meter) which I bought at the fabric store last week.  It is a great 'hairstyle' when you want your hair to be down, but not to boring. When you buy pieces of ribbon, buy some in the same colour as your dress/cardigan or shoes. The better it matches, the cuter it looks :).




Selma said...

wow Jip, ik ben verliefd op deze jurk, alleen is die jurk op de derde foto niet anders?

Jip said...

Dankje :). De jurk op de laatste foto is een andere jurk dan de blauwe, namelijk een (voor die tijd xD ) normale jurk, niet voor speciale gelegenheden etc.

- Jip.

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