Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What have I been up to lately ? - Week 33

After almost an entire month of doing absoutely nothing, relaxing and seeing my boyfriend as much as possible, August is going to be a productive month. School starts August 31st, so I have plenty of time to catch up on some sewing, blogging and most importantly...

Preparing things for moving out of the house!

That´s right, once the vacation is over I am moving out. Well, technically it is not really "moving out" because I am going to stay over at my best friends house. She´s going to her aunt to go to a new school. I go to school where she lives now, and I will have her old room at my disposal. She lives with her parents so it is more like staying over than actually moving out and buying or renting something. But that is the next step. This is a perfect opportunity for the both of us to be a bit more independent and to be away from our parents.

About two weeks ago we started to renovate her room. We got the cheapest, off-white wallpaper we could find. After moving everything out of the room into the hallway, we managed to mess up the first bucket of glue because we threw all the powder in at once, thinking it would get thin as we stirred it. After half an hour it was still a lumpy, gooey mess but luckily we had another package of glue powder. It was already very late at night so we went to bed and started right away in the morning. At the end of the afternoon, the room had a fresh, classic wallpaper. 

Just sitting in the car next to a bed and a mattress!

The next day we picked up a bed, it was so cheap I even could afford it myself. Makes me feel very mature for some reason!

All I have to do now is declutter the stuff I still have at home. Which is a LOT. I have been hoarding things for at least 3 years just becasue they were old or vintage. I am slowly accepting now that I do not have to keep them just for that sake. So when I started decluttering a while ago, I had 5 bags of clothing (non-vintage), and the entire car full of stuff which we donated to a recycling store.

Sewing projects.

I kind of took a little break from sewing and drawing alltoghether because of the hard exam. I found the perfect project to pick it up again and am eager to continue sewing now!

One of the things I have been wanting to sew is a pajama. I came across this free pattern and decided to try it. I bought the fabric, still have to wash it. The top pattern is ready but I have to figure out what to do with the pants. Has anyone made these before?

I also want to make this famous 1952 "walk-away-dress".I already knew about this pattern and saw it in a vintage sewing Facebook Group. I loved this version and I'll certainly sew that one very soon

I opened up a Facebook-Page for my snoods a while ago, please check it out!

Recently I have been using more beauty products than I did before. I just did not really care for them, I guess. I saw this product in a commercial, read some reviews and really wanted to try it. But it was really expensive, about €8 for a can. While I was visiting my boyfriend, I came across this discount shop where they sold 3 cans for €10! So I decided to buy all 3 versions. I LOVE THIS STUFF. Seriously, if you have dry skin like me, you´ll love it.

Another thing I have been totally loving lately is my thermos bottle. It is modern, from IKEA and it is the best ever. It keeps drinks really hot or cold for a loooong time. Because my boyfriends lives quite a long distance away from me, I travel a lot in the weekends and I love to take my own beverages with me because everything at the train station is so expensive!

Last week I spent an entire week again with my boyfriend. He just got home from a week of reenacting at the War&Peace show in England (I'm so jealous, I want to visit England again, too!) and I missed him SO much because we had no contact at all for a week, and we usually call and skype as much as possible.

Soon he'll spend an entire week at my place and I can't wait but I have to be patient for a little while!

What have you done this summer?

With love,


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