Saturday, November 22, 2014

100 followers Giveaway

Finally, when I logged into blogger this morning,  I discovered that I had not only written my 100th post a few days ago, but also have 100 followers now! A while ago I promised to do a giveaway, so I will. 

A while ago I started to crochet snoods and I got quite a lot of orders,  I am even thinking of starting my own little online store where I'll sell my snoods and other handmade items ( just have to come up with a good name.. ).

 My friend Lindsay modelling a snood I made her

So,  I thought it would be a fun idea to make the item that you can win,  a snood with a ribbon in your desired colour!

What do you have to do to enter this giveaway? 

  • Follow this blog trough Google Friend Connect  and the Facebook page
  •   Leave a comment on this post in which you tell me what you think about snoods and what colour you would like to have.
  •   For additional entries, share this post on Facebook/Twitter and post the link of that in a separate comment on this post. 
  • This giveaway will be open until Sunday, next week,  November 30  and is open to readers everywhere. On that day I will randomly choose a winner.
  • I am not responsible for customs charges or things that get lost in the mail,  I ship without a tracking number because this is really expensive to certain countries.

Good luck! 

With love,


Emma Declerck said...

Congratulations, Jip!
Snoods are so pratical but also really lovely and you can wear them with everything you want. I have already a red one (which I love to wear with one of my hats) so a white one would be very welcome.

xoxo Emma

Emma Declerck said...

And here's my post on Facebook

Susy said...

Well, I never had a snood, so I don´t even know how to use it, but I always wanted to try one. I think I would love a snood in black. :)

Susy said...

Oh, and here goes the facebook link.


Anonymous said...

Following your blog and facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Shared it to facebook under my page Seanna Acey...

GonnieMarie said...

Zojuist ontdekt via Lindsay, die ik toch al een tijd volg... Leuk en interessant om een Nederlandse Blogger te volgen! ��

Jessica Cangiano said...

How fabulous, dear gal! Huge congrats on reaching 100 followers!!!

Snoods are the bee's knees. Seriously. I have worn them quite a lot for the past few years now and suspect they'll always be a part of my vintage wardrobe. When my natural hair was really thinning, they were a great way for me to disguise that fact, and in the two years since I've become a full-time wig wearer, they've been marvelous at helping my wig look more like real hair. I have several colours of crocheted snoods and sport them all year round, most often with 40s outfits, as the two go hand-in-hand, but occasionally with earlier or later looks, too. Plus, I love them for the dog park and walking the dog, as they ensure, my wig curls don't whip into my face when I'm playing with Annie (our dog).

Thank you very much for holding this generous giveaway. I'll be keeping my fingers firmly crossed!

♥ Jessica

Nadine said...

Snoods are just perfect! They tidy up messy hair days or even worse ;-)
Although I really don't like the color blue, somehow several dresses in that color snuck their way into my closet, so I guess I need to have a blue one :-)
All the best, Nadine
P. S.: Liked, shared, followed :-)

Elise Diane said...

Snood,snood, snood

Je bent zo handig in mijn lange haar! Ik kan je bijna overal bij dragen en je bent zo veelzijdig. Met jou kan ik alle kanten op.
Mijn haar ziet er altijd top uit met jou. In het donker rood vind ik jou het mooist.

<3 Elise

Elise Diane said...

Liked, shared, followed

Fräulein Amie said...

Fräulein Amie said...

Irgendwie hat es meinen ersten Kommentar nicht genommen, sondern nur den zweiten: also nochmal...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich finde, du hast dir das echt verdient!

Snoods finde ich klasse. Ich habe zwar selbst noch nie eins getragen, aber auf den Fotos sieht das immer so hübsch aus. Und es passt perfekt zum 40er Jahre Stil. Es wird also zeit dass ich mich auch mal an diesem Look versuche, oder nicht? :D und da ich handwerklich total unbegabt bin, wäre es wundervoll eins von dir zu bekommen.
Sollte ich das Glück haben zu gewinnen hätte ich gerne eins in Rot.
Beste Grüße!

Marinka said...

I love these snoods. They give that real look from the old days. I think dark blue would fit at mine blond hair.
And congratulations.

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