Sunday, November 30, 2014

We have a winner!

With the help of a name-pick-generator website, I picked the name of the winner of this giveaway ...

Congratulations Susy! Please send me an email with your address information.

Thanks to the rest of you who entered this giveaway, and don't forget that I also make snoods to order for 15 euros (If you still wish to have one)!

with love,


Saturday, November 22, 2014

100 followers Giveaway

Finally, when I logged into blogger this morning,  I discovered that I had not only written my 100th post a few days ago, but also have 100 followers now! A while ago I promised to do a giveaway, so I will. 

A while ago I started to crochet snoods and I got quite a lot of orders,  I am even thinking of starting my own little online store where I'll sell my snoods and other handmade items ( just have to come up with a good name.. ).

 My friend Lindsay modelling a snood I made her

So,  I thought it would be a fun idea to make the item that you can win,  a snood with a ribbon in your desired colour!

What do you have to do to enter this giveaway? 

  • Follow this blog trough Google Friend Connect  and the Facebook page
  •   Leave a comment on this post in which you tell me what you think about snoods and what colour you would like to have.
  •   For additional entries, share this post on Facebook/Twitter and post the link of that in a separate comment on this post. 
  • This giveaway will be open until Sunday, next week,  November 30  and is open to readers everywhere. On that day I will randomly choose a winner.
  • I am not responsible for customs charges or things that get lost in the mail,  I ship without a tracking number because this is really expensive to certain countries.

Good luck! 

With love,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Make a long-distance relationship work

Since yesterday my boyfriend and I have officially been together for 1,5 years and I still love him like crazy. I even think I love him a bit more everyday.  We live a few hours away from each other,  depending if he is at home or in the city where he goes to school. Despite the distance and the fact that I stress about it a lot (which I do about nearly everything) I know he is worth it and I know he thinks the same about me.  We plan on living together once we have both finished school.  Perhaps earlier if it is possible.  From there, will see how things work out but already at this time we think about marriage sometimes and just about building a future together. And that feels good.

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