Friday, December 13, 2013

My 18th birthday

I turned 18 on November 26th. I had a lovely day and my boyfriend came to me a day before. My best friend and her parents also came over. I got some wonderful presents I'd like to show :

  A set of 5 enamel bowls. I love these, and the biggest one is very suitable for washing stockings as is described in a 1941 libelle magazine (I'll write a post about that later !)

A few libelle magazines from 1941. These contain so much useful tips and the most beautiful fashion images

 Hints on taking care of your iron and other home appliances 

A 1935 Frohne Schnittzeichner pattern book. Unfortunately, the patterns are too difficult for me but one day I'll be able to use the patterns, I'm sure I will ! The book itself is great for inspiration though !

My boyfriend gifted me a 1930s/1940s rucksack. I couldn't take a decent picture of it, so I'll show it later.

with love,

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