Monday, August 8, 2016

Packing for Prague

It is vacation time! A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I booked ourselves a bus trip to Prague. I have never visited the Czech Republic before so I'm really curious. I heard from a lot of people already that it is a great place if you love history and there should be a few vintage shops as well! I didn't pack a lot as I planned to do a bit of shopping while I'm there. In my suitcase I only took one dress (I am wearing a 2nd dress), a pair of pyjamas, my toiletry case, some underwear and socks, (I did some laundry yeaterday, hoping it would be dry on time. It wasn't. So I took a towel and rolled everything up. Maybe it will dry) my phone charger. That's about it. I also took my little blue rucksack to put in a few things for when we are traveling: a book, a not yet started crochet project, my sunglasses, wallet and phone and a notebook. 

I think I'll have a great week and I hope I can take a couple of photos. My camer is still missing so I'l have to make do with my phone for now.

With love, Jip.


Lindsay Lane said...

Have fun! Praag is echt prachtig. Vooral het oude gedeelte. Zelf hoop ik er ooit nog eens naar terug te gaan.

Carla said...

Have a blast!! And take all the photos, dear Jip!!

Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

Jessica Cangiano said...

That's super exciting, sweet Jip. I hope that you have a fun filled, fabulous time and that some vintage treasures come your way in Prague, to boot.

Safe travels!

xoxo ♥ Jessica

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