Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1940s dress and corkscrew curls ...

I have'nt been blogging for about a week. Schools keeps me busy very much and I play the piano everyday, I can almost play Für Elise by no :). I bought a dress, a skirt and a blouse and a pair of shoes last week on Ebay, and I wanted to show you my darling new 1940s dress. I asked the seller if it had a kind of 'History', and it had. It belonged to the aunt of the seller. She made the dress and wore it around the late 1940s (DDR time in Germany). It has two metal zippers : one in the back and one on the side. The front has white flower embroidery. This will be definitely be one of my favourite -and older, I am in love with the old kind of dresses- dresses.

Two days ago, I came up with the idea of posting pictures with - to me - a new no-heat curling method. I was watching videos on youtube and came across this video :

Here's my attempt :

The hairnet that I am wearing was crocheted by my mother ( I tried it, but I did not understand the pattern at a certain point. I just have too less crochet experience, I guess.) from a Dutch 1940's pattern of a Libelle Magazine. I found it on a German vintage forum.
The dress I am wearing in the 'curls'- picture is an original 1920s confirmation dress I found on Ebay.




Selma said...

oh mijn god, die krullen zijn prachtig! Echt een leuke methode, dat ga ik zeker een keer uitproberen.
En je jurk is ook prachtig, go vintage girl! :D

Jip said...

Dankje voor je reactie :D

Selma said...

Geen dank, en ik volg je al ;)
Ik ben niet echt goth-lolita gek, maar ik vind die schoenen super gaaf, die moet ik gewoon hebben (:
Natuurlijk die oxford achtige dan.

Miss Meadows said...

I love knowing what kind of life my vintage clothes lived back in the day when they were new! If I don't know the story, I just try to imagine it :) It's a lovely dress you've found too!!!

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