Monday, October 17, 2011

I love collars !

A few days ago I went to a thrift shop in Enschede and I bought a few things, including a cute knitted sweater. I thought it was a little boring, so I added a self-made crochet collar. I just crocheted a piece of lace out of a '70s book about 19th century crocheting, knitting, etc. Then I ironed it and sewed the collar in place by hand.

(Pictures were made by my sister)

I just love collars of any kind. Whether they are antique, handmade or brand new : Ijust love them.

(the following picture is from ---

I think a collar adds a touch of class to certain dresses. Do you like collars ? Let me know :).

- Love, Jip.-


Sean MacKenzie said...

If you love Victorian collars here's some sites on ebay that specialize in Victorian reproductions. One of them has a burgundy-ish civil war dress I really want!! :)


Marloes said...

Leuk! x

Fashiontastic world. ♥ said...

Helemaal super!!

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