Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A new skirt !

I have been in need for a new skirt for weeks now. I made one months ago, but I gained a little weight since then (luckily, because I was a bit too skinny) and it did not fit me anymore. Last week I asked my teacher if I was allowed to make a 6-gore skirt, and she approved. When I drafted the pattern 
and was ready to cut the fabric, I realized I did not have enough fabric, so I decided to divide the top of the skirt into a yoke and a skirt panel. Yesterday I marked the pattern on the fabric - it was already cut out - and did all the sewing. Today I finished the hem and it was ready for wearing !

The blouse is from the 1940s, and I want to copy it. I will draw my own pattern according to my sizes, choose a fabric and start with the sewing. I am also thinking of a matching skirt in the same fabric. What do you think ?

Have you sewn anything lately ?

with love,


Emma Declerck said...

Oh, it's really beautiful! I love it, Jip.
I wish that my mom trusted me a little bit more, because she hates when I say that I'm going to sew something, before I can finish my sentence she's already panicking that I'm going to do something wrong.
Can't wait to see more of your sewing work, you're doing great!

xoxo Emma

Jip Hartog said...

Thank you ! I like the skirt myself too. You will definitely see more sewing projects of me, I just love it to be able to make things. Maybe you can ask your mother why she is so worried about you sewing something ?

Sean MacKenzie said...

I think a matching skit/blouse would be cute and very 40s. Great job on the skirt, Jip!

Abigail said...

great work! you look so pretty with your hair and shirt and everything, like you just stepped out of the 40s! could you document how you make your own pattern from the shirt? I would like some tips on that. Thanks!

Jip Hartog said...

@ Sean

Thank you ! I already have fabric in mind for this, although I am not sure if it is enough. I will start with the blouse and once it is finished, I can see if there is enough fabric left to make a skirt.

@ Abigail

Thank you so much for that sweet compliment ! I will try to document how I make a pattern, but if one has no pattern drafting expierence, it might be very very hard. Do you have pattern drafting experience ?

Jessica Cangiano said...

Timelessly lovely skirt! The hem length is terrific, as is the rich, classic pine green hue you opted for. Great job, honey!

♥ Jessica

Ann Kennedy said...

Wow! Impressive work there! How long have you been sewing for yourself? That's awesome!

Jip Hartog said...

@ Jessica

Thank you so much ! I just love the colour of this skirt. I had to use this fabric becuase the fabric I actually wanted to use was not enough and I brought the green fabric with me to school as well, so I used that one.

@ Ann

Thank you ! I have been learning to sew since March 2013. I now sew for myself whenever I really need something or when we sew something in school which I also like for myself.

Miss Beta said...

Oh, it just looks tremendously sweet your outfit! Very well done for your skirt! I would like to start sewing and my first project will be a 1940s skirt. It's quite scary...the very first project! I hope to see a post about "how to" on sewing matters! :-)

Have a nice weekend!
Miss Beta

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