Sunday, November 6, 2011

20 days untill my birthday ...

I will become 16 in just 20 days and Ialready know two of my presents. That is not because I peeked into the bag with presents or asked my sister. :)

I have been wanting these books for several months. I emailed the link from a website where I could buy them (in Germany ) to my mother and I said I liked those books. She hadn't bought any presents yet, so she bought them. Yay ^^.  Do you have those books ?

What do you do when you become/what did you do when you became 16 ? Did you threw a party (I never gave a party before, actually) ? Or did you go swimming with a few friends ? I have no idea what to do, so ideas are very welcome !

Today was the last day of ''autumn-holidays'' and I go to school tomorrow. I hope that I will have enough time to post. I'm in 10th grade now, and my final exams are coming closer and closer ..

Love, Jip.


Didi said...

Die boeken lijken me erg leuk! Ik hou ook echt van die stijl qua haar een make-up!
Ik heb toen ik zestien was een BBQ gegeven.. Misschien kan je gaan schaatsen?


Superboeken, die 2e lijkt me echt leuk! Ik heb trouwens een vraagje, weet je misschien een goede thrift store in limburg? X

Jip said...

@ Didi, barbecue in de winter, zou wel leuk zijn :D. Ik ga waarschijnlijk zwemmen (in een overdekt zwembad.

@ Hendrikas, ik woon zelf niet in Limburg en ben er nog nooit geweest, maar ik heb al wat opgezocht.

Dit zijn alle kringloopwinkel-adressen in Limburg. Bij de meeste Kringloopwinkels wordt er ook kleding verkocht.

En hier zijn nog meer winkels die in 2ehands kleding handelen.

Ik hoop dat je hier iets aan hebt.

Zouden jullie mij willen volgen ? Dan volg ik jullie ook.

- Jip.

Sean MacKenzie said...

I have those books on my wish list too. One of them does 20's finger waves. :-D

For my sweet 16 I had a blast! My aunt took me to a lecture at a local university where a local Holocaust survivor spoke on her experiences at Auschwitz. It was an amazing experience. The coolest thing was my Grama received her book on her birthday years ago and had it autographed. On my birthday I brought it and it was then autographed to me!! :)

I hope you have a wonderful sweet 16. Enjoy it you're only 16 once in your life.

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