Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An old-fashioned, delicious apple pie !


I kind of have a new hobby : baking (apple)pies/cakes !
They always taste So good and don't even cost the half of the price you would pay in the supermarket to buy an already-made cake.

 Here's the translated recipe (in grams !)

-Preheat the oven on 180 degrees Celcius
-Oil the spring-form pan before you put the dough in it
- Put 75 grams of raisins in a bowl with warm water for 15 minutes and dry them wit a -kitchen towel -I don't know how to call it :)-

For the dough you'll need :

 -400 grams of flour ;

- 40 grams of sugar ;

 -1 package or 3 teaspoons of baking soda;

-  175 grams of butter (room temperature)

- 2/3 of an egg

Knead a dough and coat the spring-form pan with 2/3 of it.

For the 'filling' you'll need :

 - 6 apples ;
-  2-3 teaspoons cinnamon ;
-  the raisins that have been in the water for 15 minutes ;
- 50 grams of sugar

Cut the apples in little cubes and mix it with the cinnamon, raisins and sugar.If you want, you can add walnuts and other nuts.

 If the spring-form is coated with dough and filled with the apples, cinnamon, sugar and raisins, there is still 1/3 of the dough left. Mold these into strip's and place them on the pie. Cover the top of the pie with the left over egg and place it in the oven :

Electric Oven : 160 Degrees Celsius for 60-75 minutes

Bon appetit !

P.S.  As you might have notices, my cake is a little burned. That is because I set the oven on 180 Degrees, instead of 160 ..
love, Jip.


Leila Jane said...


x Leila in wonderland

Ellen said...

sounds delicious!

Marloes said...

ziet er lekker uit! x

Anonymous said...

ik hou er vooral van om ze op te eten. :)
dankje voor je reactie,
tuurlijk wil ik je ook volgen!

Gitte said...

aaah, dat ziet er echt onwijs lekker uit!<3

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