Friday, August 31, 2018

The day before the plastic diet

Tomorrow is the first day of the plastic diet. I've been wanting to participate in a zero waste challenge since it caught my attention. I discovered that during the month of September, there is a 30 day challenge called 'the plastic diet'. I'm not sure about the rules of this challenge so I came up with a couple of rules of my own.

- Refuse all single-use plastic (cutlery, cups, straws, bags, condiments etc.)
- Avoid plastic packaging as much as possible.
- Use my keepcup if I want to take coffee or tea on the go.
- Buying things packaged in paper or metal is okay (because these can be recycled properly, unlike plastic)
- Write a post every couple of days showing my grocery hauls and write about other zero-waste related topics.
- Put my trash in a trash jar (I got a big cookie jar in a cupboard lying aroun, use what you already have :) )

My first 'low-waste' haul. Bags for the fruit and bread, glass bottles for the yoghurt (unfortunately with a plastic lid) and chocolate milk. I returned the ice-tea bottle to the store and got my 25 cents back.

I really look forward to the next 30 days and I'm curious to see how much plastic I can avoid.

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