Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homemade nail and cuticle oil

This is my first 'beauty DIY'. It is a recipe for ordinary nail and cuticle oil. My friend got a bottle of  ''Sally's nail and cuticle oil '' (Holland) for her birthday. I put  it on my nails once and have been since then in love with nail oils. Because I could not find the product at my local drug store, I decided to make my own. And although there are millions of recipes on the internet, I decided to post my tutorial. So here we go !

This is what you'll need :

 -A small glass bottle (you can get these at any drugstore) ; -Do not try to clean an empty nail polish bottle. I    tried this and it didn't work out. There was still nailpolish in the bottle left ..-
 -Extra vergin olive oil or baby oil (you can use almost any kind of oil for this) ;
 -Some perfume of your choice, I chose my grandmothers 'Gloria Vanderbilt'.

Step 1.

Pour some olive oil into the glass bottle. Make sure you don't spill it on the floor or table, mommy won't be happy ;)

Step 2.

Spray a little perfume in the filled bottle and shake it well.

Step 3.

Your homemade nail and cuticle is now done and ready for use! Put some oil on your nails and cuticles and rub it in. You can pad-dry it a little and than let it 'dry' overnight. If you're in a hurry (like in the morning before school starts), you can rub it in and than wash your hands with water and soap so you won't be dripping oil onto your exercise books :). Enjoy !

Love, Jip.


DomLompFamous said...

Volgens mij heb jij een hele leuke blog, maar jammer genoeg kan ik het lettertype maar heel moeilijk lezen! :(

Ik follow je, follow jij me terug?


Jip said...

Dankje, ik heb het lettertype al veranderd ;)

Ik ga je ook volgen.

- Jip.

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