Sunday, August 5, 2012

Recipe : Oreo Milkshake !

Recipe : Oreo Milkshake !

Rezept : Oreo Milkshake !

Do you love Oreo cookies ? Do you love milkshakes ? Well, this is the perfect  recipe for you !

Magst du Oreo Kekse ? Magst du Milchshakes ? Dann ist dies das perfekte Rezept für dich !

Oreo cookies have been around for quite some time. More than one hundred years, to be exact. You can read more about Oreo's history here.

Die Oreo Kekse gibt es schon lange. Mehr als hundert Jahre, um genau zu sein. Du kannst hier  mehr über die Geschichte von Oreo lesen.

Recipe/Rezept :

You'll need/Du brauchst:

♥ Milk/Milch
♥Vanilla Ice cream/Vanille-Eis
♥One pack of oreo cookies (4 or 5 pieces)/Eine Tüte Kekse (4 bis 5 Stück)

Smash the cookies until they're crumbled. The pieces shouldn't be too big or too small. You'll understand while smashing ;). Keep one cookie behind for later use.

Schlage die Kekse kaput. Die Stückchen sollen nicht so groß oder zu klein sein. Behalte ein Keks für späteren Gebrauch.

♥ Put the ice cream and some milk in the mixer and mix well. When the texture of the milkshake is good, add the crumbles and mix again.
Tue Eis und Milch in den Mixer rein und mische gut. Wenn der Shake richtig ist, füge dan die Stückchen Oreo hinzu und mische nochmal.

♥ Smash the last cookie and pour it on top of the milkshake. Bon appetit !
Schlage der letzte Keks kaput und verteile die Stücken oben drauf. Guten Appetit !

 With love, Jip





Sean MacKenzie said...

Oh, my!! I love me some cookie n cream!!! This looks positively scrumptious, Jip! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Cookies and cream is one of my favourite ice creams ever, yet I don't know if I've ever given this kind of a milk shake a try. I've got some gluten-free oreo style sandwich cookies on hand (I have celiac disease) already, so I just need some ice cream and then I can follow your lead and whip up one of these scrumptious treats (especially since summer temps are still sticking around here at the moment). Thank you for the recipe, honey!

♥ Jessica

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