Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vacation homework : 1940s overalls

At the moment I am enjoying my spring vacation at my boyfriends house, I love to be with him for longer than just a weekend ! He has to work almost every day and in that time I can do my homework. 

My teacher wanted me and the other students to sew a pair of overalls. Some are going to make one for a child but I decided to make one for myself because I don't know people with small children near me.. And ofcourse I wanted to make something 1930s/1940s style. I asked my teacher if that was alright and she said it was! The same day I started looking for pictures and inspiration and I found a few images that inspired me.

The overalls in the last picture really caught my fancy. I like the 'heart-shaped'- bib and the side buttons, as well as the waistband and the trouser legs.

I already drew the sewing pattern for the trouser part, next are the bodice and the straps, and I also have to draw the side placket. I have never worked with that before so I really hope that everything goes well and will turn out just fine !

Have you ever made a pair of overalls ? What pattern did you use and how did it turn out ? I'd love to know.

with love,


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Emma Declerck said...

At the moment my mom is also making a pair of 40s swing trousers for me because I have already a pair of coveralls and I still prefer wearing a pair of high waisted trousers. I'm sure that you will get a 10/10 for these coveralls, you already have 10/10 from me for the choice tht you made!
And enjoy your vacation with your boyfriend!

xoxo Emma

Jip Hartog said...


How kind of your mother to make one for you! I just love how high-waisted trousers and skirts accentuate the waist, such a classic look! My homework never gets graded or something, the teacher just tells us what she thinks about it and what we did wrong. I'll enjoy the rest of the vacation, no doubts about that :)

- Jip.

Abigail ~ said...

oh what a great idea for spring and summer farm work! very cute and classy and you don't have to worry about a dress blowing up in the wind.
Thank you for the inspiring pictures.

Sean MacKenzie said...

I'm so far away from sewing my own overalls, but I would love to snag a Wearing History Pattern and give it a whirl. Why not, right? :)

Good luck with your overalls. I'm sure with all the work you've put into your other wonderful FP's that it'll be fab.

Jip Hartog said...


I'm going to wear it while working in the garden, and it is really great you do not have to worry about a skirt or dress!

- Jip.

Jip Hartog said...


I really love the wearing history designs and I've heard that the patterns are great, so why not give them a try? Thank you so much, and I hope it will turn out good. I will document bits of the drawing/sewing process on my blog.

- Jip.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Using a heart shaped neckline on overalls appeals to me a great deal, too. I have a great repro pair from Freddies that I wear often, but they lack this, so if I was going shopping for a second pair, that's definitely a feature I'd keep my eyes peeled for.

Happy sewing, dear gal!
♥ Jessica

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