Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A new Year

This year really did go very fast. As always, some positive and negative things happened and I already thought of some resolutions (which I never did in the previous years). I will publish them on my blog and then, at the end of next year we'll see if there is any improvement.

Some of these resolutions are rather silly, and some will be more important than others. Here we go.

- Be more healthy. I have been thinking about ways to eat healthier and at this point, I just really want to. I am tired most of the time so I'm eager to find out if healthy food and regular bedtimes will do something. Next to that, I'll go to the gym twice a week or more if possible, starting next week.

- Teach myself how to properly paint my nails. I really love dark red nailpolish, because it goes very well with 40s outfits. I usually only wear transculent nailpolish but next year I'd love to add some colour!

- Stress less about everything and think positive. Again this is something I really, really want! I stress over just about anything and I also have a tendancy to think very negative about myself if I can accomplish something and so something wrong. I have not liked myself really much for the past couple of months and I hope that'll change for the better soon. It is just a state of mind so I'll have to correct myself everytime I might get sad or angry.

- Be a little more outgoing. Since the speech therapist cured my stammer, I've been talking a lot more and I really love that. I even speak to strangers now and I finally have the guts to use the phone. Yay! Still, I want to be even more outgoing.

- Get organized. My room is a complete mess. My sewing room is. So.. maybe that's why my mind is so cluttered and I feel terribly disorganized. I want to be able to put things back where they belong and find them again. And I also want to have a look at my wardrobe and for once get rid of the things I'll never wear (again) or just don't like and sew some basic pieces like skirts and blouses.

I think that's about it for now. What are your resolutions?

I'd like to wish everyone a very happy new year! ♥

With love,



Jessica Cangiano said...

The older I get, the more I think that there is a gene that enables some people to excel at painting their nails and that the rest of us just have to do our best to not look like we've been attending a kindergarten art class. :D

Wishing you a truly awesome, happy, healthy, fun filled 2015!
♥ Jessica

Carla said...

I'm cheering you on with your resolutions, Jip! Especially the organization one, oh man, my room/sewing space is such a mess.

And Tasha of By Gum, By Golly has a little primer for painting your nails with Gel Polish, should you want to upgrade later on the line?

Have a fantastic 2015!!

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