Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What I have been up to lately ? - week 28 -

Hello dear readers, I´m back after a long time of not writing on my blog and a lot of stress. This time I will introduce a new kind of post called "What I have been up to lately" and I will try to post this every 1-2 weeks. Since a long time I have been wanting to create this new category of post but never knew what to call it, mostly because there are a lot of bloggers out there who feature this kind of category and I´d hate to be a copycat. But then I came to the conclusion that this is my blog, and the titles you could give such a category are limited so many blogs can have something similar.

What will these kind of posts be about?

Often I feel that in order to write a post, I must have a spectacular or very interesting topic to write about. And let´s face it, 90% of the week or month, nothing really special happens to actually write a big post about. I love to read outfit posts and recipes, reviews and crafts and so on from other bloggers that I thought it was time to write about those things myself as well. Because I know that it are the little, maybe even everyday things that make life count.

So what have I been up to lately ?

 This being since I last wrote, the end of April: An awful lot of exam stress. 

I did not know one could be that nervous, it was really bad for me and I am so glad that the exam is finally over. It was really hard and I could have done much better but: I passed! We had to draw and sew to measure a ladies jacket for someone we took with us to the exam so that they could fit it in front of the jury. I had the most awful thick fabric and I totally ruined it by ironing, even though I was really careful and used a wet pressing cloth each time. The lapel collar was a kind I had never made. I managed to finish a jacket with the collar, pockets, lining, buttonhole etc. But they said that if it were for the collar, I would have failed and they said I have to practice a lot, which I will. (I will take a picture of the jacket as soon as I can.) Bonus for me: this kind of collar was very popular in the 30s/40. Yesterday I looked at the exam results to see how many passed as well. We had over 30 people in the exam room and only 7 of passed (2 of which are a classmate of mine and myself). I only just made it, which makes me a bit sad because I always used to get good grades. But I must be happy and look towards the future, see this as a lesson and take what I can from this to make things better next time!

I fell in love with a pair of shoes 

My parents promised me that if I woud pass, they would let me order a pair of rocket originals shoes from the UK. I heard great things about them and just love the way their shoes look so when I saw a 2nd-hand pair in a size 4 a while ago in a Facebook-group I decided to buy them. Later, the seller discovered it actually was a size 5 but I took the risk anyway. You can probably predict what happened next: the shoes were too big and I was sad. So I sold them to the next person that was interested and studied so that I would pass and get a higher chance of getting the shoes as a gift in my size. Last week I ordered them. Yesterday I was riding my bicycle and when I came back I saw the mail van driving away and I found a note in the mail box that said I could pick my parcel up the next day somewhere in town. So today, I fetched my parcel, opened it and felt in love immediately with the shoes. I have been wearing them for a few hours non-stop. They feel and walk like ´old lady shoes´ but they look so lovely! I will try to sell some things, save some money, and buy more of these in the future.

Talking about shoes, I saw these a while ago when I was walking in Utrecht with my boyfriend. I tried them on, but could not decide if I wanted to buy them or not because I usually do not spend that much on shoes. On our way home we came across the shop and after walking on them a bit, I decided to buy them. They are made by the UK company "Clarks" and I think that every vintage girl will agree with me that this shoe is pretty much a spot-on repro. The heel could have been thicker but the overall style looks very good in my opinion. They are comfy, for heels anyway.  After selling things and saving I might buy another pair of these.

Fruit infused water

I have been trying to having a healthier diet and cutting out sweet drinks is very important. I make sure to drink 2 litres of water (including tea) each day, and popping some fruit and mint leaves in the bottle makes the water really tasty. We have a raspberry plant in the garden and each day we harvest dozens of them and then we freeze them for later use.

 The "recipe" I use is as follows: Fill a 0,5 litre bottle with a handful of crushed mint leaves, a handful of raspberries and 2 slices of lemon cut in half, squeeze in some lemon juice. Fill up with cool water and some ice cubes. I use the same fruit for 2-3 bottles.

Last week the weather was too hot in my opinion, I can´t really stand hot weather, it always makes me dizzy and tired. Today we had some rain and after that, the sun came out and I decided to take some pictures of the flowers in our garden. That is a good thing about summer, everything is in full bloom!

What have you been up to lately?

With love,



Emma Declerck said...

So great to see that diploma! Congratulations!
And those shoes, oh heavenly! I love Rockets, I would love to order a pair of saddle shoes but they are pretty expensive so maybe next year when mine are no longer usable for dancing ;)

Emma - Little Miss Bamboo

Jennie said...

Congratulations on passing your exam! I love reading catch up posts, so this is a most welcome addition to your blog :)

Susanne said...

Congratulations on your exam! Hey, you are one of the few who passed, well done! I also own some Rocket originals and Clarks and the best thing is, they look nice AND are comfortable.
Greetings, Susanne

Jip Hartog said...

@Emma: Thank you! Well replacing them seems like a great excuse for buying new ones!

@Jennie: Thank you! I thought it would be about time to feature such posts regularly on the blog because it gives me something to write about at least once a week.

@Susanne: Thank you! I´m already feeling better about it each day, although I keep having nightmares about the exam and everything goes wrong etc. But then I wake up and realize it was just a dream. I passed and I have summer vacation now! I love it when I find pretty shoes that are comfortable as well, they can be rather hard to find.

Lindsay Lane said...

I really like these posts, keep them coming!

Jip Hartog said...

@Lindsay Lane: Thanks, I will!

Ivy said...

Congratulations! Those shoes are so pretty! I love raspberries and tea as well.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Great idea for a new post series! I just adore those shoes that you're smitten with. They're so timelessly pretty!

Huge congrats on passing, dear gal. What a wonderful accomplishment to kick off the summer with.

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

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