Sunday, September 30, 2012

I went to Amsterdam ...

-walking on the streets-

.. with other members form 'Club Interbellum', a forum for 20s to 40s enthusiasts. We went on a vintage shopping trip, and in the Netherlands there's no place better than Amsterdam. We visited 'het Waterlooplein' and some stores in the 'nine streets'. Almost everyone of us found something we liked.

Ich war mit Mitglieder von 'Club Interbellum' in Amsteram. Wir wollten vintage Kleidung kaufen und fast jeder von uns hat was gefunden.

-browsing through racks of clothing and, ofcourse, try to date them-

Now I'd like to show you what I bought. As you can see, I'm wearing a black and blue coat in both of the pictures. I bought it there for 35 euros. It's a late 1940s coat with a wide skirt and shoulder pads.

Jetzt möchte ich euch gerne meine gekauften Sachen zeigen. Wie ihr sehen könnt, ich trage einen Blau-Schwarzen Mantel. Er war 35 Eurpo und kommt aus den späten 40er jahren.

I have a new addiction, I think. Vintage shoes .. I found these 1940s black suede winter boots  while browsing on shelve filled with shoes. They were hidden in a corner. When I saw them I thought 'If they fit, I'll buy them, no matter what they cost.' They were 40 euros, not really a bargain. But they fit perfectly and I needed winter boots anyway :). I'm so glad I found these !

Ich glaube ich habe einen neuen Sucht : Vintage Schuhe ... Diese schwarze Wildederstiefel aus den 40er jahren waren unter in einem Schranl versteckt. Aber ich habe sie gefunden. Sie waren 40 euro und passen perfekt. Genau das brauche ich : originelle 40er Winterschuhe :).

I had such a great time and I can't wait untill the next time I meet these lovely people again !
Love, Jip.


Janey said...

Those shoes are to die for!!!

While I always argue that vintage is of far better quality than clothing of today, I always fear vintage shoes. Because I walk a lot, I am fearful of simply wearing them out quickly since most vintage shoes have already taken a beating. I own a handful that I wear for special occasions.


Birthe said...

Hallo Jip,

Mooie schoenen! Voor 40 euro nog steeds goedkoop in vergelijk met goede nieuwe.Leuke blog ook, zet mij er toe aan om ook maar weer eens iets te gaan posten op het mijne :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

And how show-stoppingly fantastic you looked while there!

♥ Jessica

Vera said...

What a great find, those shoes are amazing!

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