Thursday, October 18, 2012

London, here I come !

-Ich gehe nach London !-

In just 2 days I'll be in an airplane to London. My aunt and niece decided to go there because my niece passed her exams and they decided to take me with them. I am so happy, I always wanted to go to London because I like England, I really do not know why.

In nur 2 Tagen sitze ich im Flugzeug nach London. Meine Tante und Cousine gehen dahin weil meine Cousine ihre Prüfung bestanden hat und jetzt haben sie beschlossen, mich auch mit zu nehmen. Ich bin so froh darüber. Ich wollte schon immer Mal nach London. Ich liebe England. Aber ich weiß eigentlich gar nicht warum.

We'll fly from Eindhoven to London on Saturday, October 20, at 5 PM. Because of a different time zone, we'll arrive in London at 5PM aswell. On Tuesday, October 23, we'll fly back to Eindhoven. 

Wir fliegen am 20. Oktober um 5 Uhr Nachmittags nach London und dort kommen wir auch um 5 Uhr an.Am Dienstag, 23. Oktober fliegen wir früh am Morgen wieder nach Eindhoven zurück.

We'll be staying at the 'Astor Court Hotel' and it'll be the very first time ever I'm staying at a hotel.

Wir übernachtem im 'Astor Court Hotel'. Es wird für mich das erste Mal sein, das ich in einem Hotel übernachte.

There are no real plans of what we are going to do while we are there. We want to visit 'The London Eye'. And I'm afraid of heights, haha. My niece and I would like to shop a little. Can you suggest any vintage/thriftstores or fleamarkets in London ? I already asked a friend and a few British bloggers, but every advice is welcome :).

Es gibt keine feste Planung. Wir möchten aber gerne 'The London Eye' besuchen. Und ich habe Höhenangst, haha. Auch möchten meine Cousine und ich ein Bisschen shoppen gehen. Weißt Ihr vielleicht Vintage/Secondhand-Laden oder Flohmärkte in London ?
I look so much forward to the trip, and I hope I'll find some nice vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe. At the moment I am trying to give away or sell pieces I don't like anymore. I also try to incorporate as much vintage insteas of modern pieces as I can. 

Ich freue mich so auf London ! Ich hoffe auch, vintage Teile für meinen Garderobe finden zu können. Zurzeit versuche ich so viel wie möglich nur Vintage Teile zu kaufen, statt neuere Teile.

Have you ever been to London ? Where did you go and can yous suggest any vintage goldmines :) ?
Warst du schon Mal in London ? Wie war es und weißt du vielleicht, wo es viel Vintage gibt ?

Love, Jip.


Aukje1986 said...

Aaah, I love England! I try ti bring a visit to London/England every year, but sadly my boyfriend isn't attracted to it so much as I do.

When you are in London, I can recomend the Victoria and Albert museum. They have a gorgeous collection of fashion from 18th century till now.
Currently there is an extra fashion exhibition about ballgowns since 1950.

The great thing about the Victoria and Albert museum is that the entrance is FREE! The also heb beautifull art and furniture collections. (Visit also the art deco collection ;-) )

Enough about the V&A.

What I also love is the Portobello Road Market. It is a huge market with a lot of antique stands and vintage treasuries and offcourse food. Saterdays is the market extra big... If visiting Portlobello road market, you've got to visit the What Katie Did store, it is in the same district as the market. The sell all kinds of vintage replica undergarments as bra's , girdles and stockings.

If you are looking for 30s/40s shoes you must see the Revival Retro store. They sell Remix vintage shoes, very good replica shoes (the are used in period films a lot)

Also a great vintage shop: St Cyr Vintage

Here is another extra tip. I read in the lates issue of Vintage Life Magazine a recommendation for Alfie's Antiques market. I have never been there, but it must be great. (Vintage fashion, rare books, mid-century modern and true antiques)

Have fun over there!!

Best wishes,


Jessica Cangiano said...

For all intents, my (very limited!) time spent in London was just at airports. Once when I was 14 we spent a few hours between flights exploring a little, but it was just walking around a few streets for a while. I'd love to see London a whole lot more sometime, especially when I read great travel posts like this.

♥ Jessica

Malin Aldhagen said...

Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

Malin @

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